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Reliable Roof Systems

All American Siding provides complete roof renovation work, including fixing and installing rain gutters. If you live in the area of Pekin, Illinois, there is no better price for your exterior remodeling needs. Ask us about updating your doors and windows as well.


When you install new siding, energy barriers, or water management systems to your home, you're not just adding resale value-you're updating the look for curb appeal. Stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and spend less on energy, thanks to insulation and vapor barriers used on every job. While we offer vinyl siding for most jobs, aluminum and steel options are available as well.


The roofing we use is a two-piece laminated fiberglass-based construction, 229/240 lbs. per square. The material is UL Class-A fire resistant and approved by Miami-Dade Product Control. Our roofs also come with a lifetime limited transferable warranty, a 10-year sure start warranty (100% replacement and labor cost due to manufacturing defects), and a warranty upgrade is available to cover winds up to 130 mph.

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Gutters & Gutter Protection

A 1" rainfall doesn't sound like a lot, but on the average sized house, that is upwards of 2,000 gallons of water, which can cause an awful lot of damage in a short period of time. The gutters we install drain water the same rate as a 2" x 3" downspout, draining up to 29" of rainfall per hour. The highest ever recorded was 12" in one hour, in Kahlua, Hawaii, in 1971.

We guarantee your gutters will never need cleaning, or else we will clean them for free. Using aluminum in an array of colors, we are able to mimic the appearance of aged copper or zinc while using a low-cost metal that won't rust. It comes in sections or seamless, and other options include lightweight .023 panels, medium-weight .027 panels, or heavy-weight .032 panels. We manufacture right on site to fit your home perfectly without going under your shingles.

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"Fantastic experience. They replaced my roof and sheathing in one day and cleaned everything up. Greg was great to work with and the crew was courteous and hard working."
- Rodney L.